CBD Deep Dive – Part 1 – What is CBD?

Wunder co-founder Tom Smale, with a background in pharmacology, explores CBD in our first part of ‘CBD Deep Dive’.

what is CBD?

Cannabidiol aka CBD is all the rage right now and no doubt you would have seen newspapers, magazines and bloggers touting its benefits. At Wunder Workshop we strive to create amazing products that are in line with our ethos Consumption with Purpose, and so I wanted to take a close look at the science behind CBD and why we chose to create our Turmeric CBD oils. Part one of this set of blog posts tackles exactly what CBD is.

To further understand the science behind CBD it’s important to understand what CBD is and where CBD comes from. CBD is an extracted compound found within the cannabis plant and is one of 113 cannabinoids identified at the time of writing. This extract interacts with one of the most complex receptor pathways in our body, known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and modulates it in many ways, of which details will be covered in more detail later.

So, where does our CBD come from? Cannabis is the genus of a group of plant species that have been grown widely across the world and their strains/species (as commonplace in agricultural crops) have diversified to the specific needs of customers. You will have heard of hemp, weed, marijuana –but what is the difference? Essentially, they are all the same plant, but their characteristics and uses vary. What’s important to understand is how these are classified:


Scientifically, the plant is characterised as shown in the table above, where Cannabinacae is the family for all plants with similar genetic disposition, Cannabis is the Genus within that family and sativa, indica and ruderalis are species within the cannabis genus. The 3 species are distinguished between their appearance, despite much of their genetic DNA being the same.

This is where it gets confusing, as colloquial names have blurred these divisions and categorised the plant according to its function, and this relates to the content of THC – the intoxicating component of cannabis. Species that are smoked typically have concentrations of THC above 0.3% i.e. weed and marijuana, whereas strains of cannabis for industrial use (and producing CBD products) contain less than 0.3% THC, i.e. hemp.

CBD can be derived from both hemp and marijuana. However, cultivation of high THC (<0.3%) cannabis is not legal in the UK.

At Wunder we source organically grown hemp from the Czech Republic from Cannabis sativa plants. This is then dual extracted in the UK to produce a pharmaceutical grade CBD that can be trusted for its consistency and legality.

Mira Manek’s Seared Cauliflower w/ Turmeric, Tahini & Miso

Guest recipe by Mira Manek

Turmeric stirred through cauliflower always makes it taste and look like a curry, but here, while using turmeric in cooking the cauliflower, I’ve then added a tahini and miso sauce over the top, which alters the flavour entirely.

And lastly the furikake mix, which is one of my favourite seasonings these days – the salt and pepper of Japan, a mixture of sesame seeds and nori seaweeed which can be added to absolutely anything. I quite love this as a starter or a side dish… a delectable fusion of sorts.





















sattva ayurveda

Meet Eminé Rushton, journalist, author of Sattva and lover of all things Ayurveda. Slow, conscious living is the name of the game for her, and we couldn’t be more for it. Keep scrolling to hear all about her favourite rituals + recipes that keep her grounded and balanced.

Tell us a little about your story.

I have, what feels like forever, been writing about wellbeing for women’s magazines. I was Wellbeing Director at Psychologies magazine for 9 years, and am now focusing on a slower pace and simpler way of living. I’ve always loved blogging as it’s completely autonomous, freely creative and with unlimited potential to ‘create’, and also work on our podcast on conscious living, called This Conscious Life. My work sits really nicely alongside family life, with my two girls and my grower/writer husband, Paul. I’ve done a complete 180 in my life – leaving the busiest part of South East London where I was working all hours, to settle in a little cottage in a tiny village in Kent, with a cottage garden and allotment plot. I could never go back.

- How do you find your daily source of golden balance?

Time away from screens has come to be incredibly important. I just feel stiff, insecure, nervy and strange when I have let my screen-time escalate, and so I try to keep it below an hour every day. The antidote is to get out and away from the desk and wifi – for long walks, countryside, gardening, al fresco lunches, yoga… even a cup of tea (or golden milk!) on the front step, under the trees. 

- How important is self-care to you, and do you often implement it into your regular rituals?

As a mother, the saddest thing I notice when I let my self-care habits slide, is that I become short and impatient at home. There’s a tangible sense of not having enough to go around, so you cut corners and feel irritated and resentful. This always breaks my heart, and I really try to avoid getting to that point! Waking up early, before the rest of the family, gives me a golden hour of breathing, meditation and peace, which is my anchor. My voice changes, my eyes twinkle, my skin glows… daily meditation is magic. If I don’t manage it, or prioritise other things, which, let’s be honest, are not as important, I will feel, see and taste it… so, keeping that magical hour in the morning is pretty sacred. 

- What element of your work is most lighting you up at the moment? 

After 9 years at the wonderful Psychologies magazine, I finally flew the nest last month. It was just the right time for me, with mine and my husband’s first book entering the world (Sattva: The Ayurvedic Way to Live Well), and the launch of our gentle, conscious living blog, that is completely rooted in nature, and guided by Ayurveda. Having a couple of hours a day to write blog posts, take photographs, chat to Paul about what we want to share that can be really practical for those reading it, and seeing our words & imagery go live and be enjoyed, is undoubtedly a huge source of joy.

- How do you practice nourishment every day? 

I’m lucky to have a natural foodie husband who grows our herbs, veg & fruit in our small cottage garden and at the local allotment, so we always have fresh, seasonal and biodynamic food to nourish us! I am also very lucky to work from home, so we sit at the table with our children every morning, all enjoying breakfast (well, Paul’s often in the kitchen making & serving it, but he gets to enjoy it too!), and I then leave my desk and take 45 minutes for a long hearty lunch in the middle of the day. Dinner is with the kids, after school, and it’s a no-screen, ‘let’s catch up’ time. Food is the glue, and siting around the table, the highlight of our days. 

- Ingredients-wise, what are your three non-negotiables in the kitchen? 

Fresh, organic, seasonal. 

- What is your favourite way to incorporate turmeric into your life, be it in the kitchen or your beauty regime?

Ah, we use it a lot. We are guided by Ayurveda in all that we do, and we use it in many of our soups, curries, stews and teas. Paul’s food is always beautifully balanced, so we never overdose on one single ingredient – it’s about little amounts of many different things. When the girls get a bit poorly, he boils up fresh turmeric root, fresh ginger, nigella seeds, cardamom and cloves, for a naturally antiseptic tea. We let it cool then stir in raw honey (never add honey to hot food or drinks, as in Ayurveda, it is said to become ‘ama’ – i.e. toxic). 

- What are some of your most loved ways to wind down?

Just being really still and silent is best of all. No screens, no lists, no prop, nothing in my hands, knowing I need do nothing, just breathing & being. 

- Share with us a quote that gives you daily inspiration. 

From our book, Sattva: “Dis-ease is simply the distance we fly from Mother Nature and all of her healing principles. And for us, knowing what we know and living what we’ve lived, even one step is a step too far.” It encompasses all we feel, and all we are, and how we thrive best of all when things are simple, natural and aligned. 

Why we bottle our CBD oil in Miron glass:


Have you ever thought about how your products are packaged and what kind of ramifications this can have on the product itself?

This is something that we take very seriously, in fact ‘all the decisions we make at Wunder Workshop are based on a set of ethical and sustainable values to promote a transparent relationship between grower and consumer.’  This mission,  of course, includes how we choose our packaging for our products. One of the many steps we take to ensure the very highest quality is to house our Turmeric CBD in MIRON violet glass and there are a number of reasons as to why we do.

Miron glass was first developed in 1995, with the first batch of containers created for a line of energetic potions called Sun Remedies. This glass was chosen due to the high vibrational frequency of the violet (720-770 billion Hertz); this actually equates to the same  vibrational frequency of our central nervous system.

MIRON Violet glass has significant benefits, including  protection against decomposition from the visible-light spectrum, which protects against changes to the molecular structure of the compound and offering adding energizing benefits.  We will be exploring these points below:


MIRON Violet glass blocks the spectrum of visible light; however, it allows violet and infrared wavelengths to permeate through. This allows optimal protection against the ageing processes released by visible light and thus lengthens the durability and potency of the contents. 

This non-visible UVA light that permeate the miron glass, helps to retard  the growth of bacteria, mold and pathogens. It is for example, what keeps violet bottled drinking water and freshly cut herbs fresh for weeks on end.

Several studies have shown the benefits of MIRON glass, including a chemical analysis of rosewater in violet and amber glass, performed at the Tree of Life Institute, by Dr. Gabriel Cousens. It was seen that within two months the amount of important aromatic compounds decreased in the amber glass, however, no change was observed in the sample stored in violet glass, which shows protection against decomposition by visible light.


Blocking harmful rays from visible light, but allowing violet, infra-red and UVA radiation, has shown to energise the contents within MIRON violet glass too. Infrared wavelengths are known to energise life forms and are especially good for preserving the structure of water crystals. All life requires light energy and the Sun’s rays have both energising and damaging qualities. This is especially important when it comes to food and the nutrition within. Biophotonic research has shown that the molecular and chemical composition in food products is significantly protected in comparison to different glass types, including clear, amber and brown glass as well as other conventional packaging.

In using MIRON violet glass for our Turmeric CBD we seek to gain the energising benefits whilst limiting the harmful effects that light can cause, so that you are always guaranteed the same potency and quality. Furthermore, MIRON glass is 100% recyclable.

wunder workshop turmeric cbd oil
mirron glass graph



The kombucha revolution is well and truly upon us— and leading the pack is JARR Kombucha. We are endlessly inspired by the story behind one of its founders, Adam Vanni, and know you will be too. Scroll down to hear his tale and all about what keeps him balanced and golden.

- Tell us a little about your journey and the story of Jarr Kombucha.

So in 2015 I was living in Los Angeles with my mom and dad, broke from a year of backpacking, working odd jobs and trying to figure out what to do with my life. In early January that year I got a message from my good friends and now business partners Neil, Tom, Jess and Dominic asking if I’d be in town the following week. Turns out that had a layover in Los Angeles on their way back from New Zealand (where they were on holiday) to London (where they run a craft beer brewery and pizzeria called Crate). After they found out I’d be in town, they extended their layover and stayed with me and my parents. 

By that point I was already an avid kombucha drinker and the fridge was stocked full of the stuff. Coincidentally, they had just been introduced to kombucha while in Auckland and as beer brewers, had fallen in love with both the flavour and the brewing process. It was in my parents’ kitchen, sat around the table drinking kombucha that my friend Jess half-jokingly suggested, “Why don’t we all learn how to make kombucha, you move over to London and we start a kombucha brand together?” 2 weeks later I had booked a flight to London and I started experimenting on my first batches in Los Angeles while the rest of the team began experimenting in London. 2 months later, in May of 2015, I moved to London and JARR was born.  

- How do you find your daily source of golden balance?

Coming from the sunshine and sea in California, I have personally found London to be an especially difficult place to find balance. Ultimately though, being here has led me to develop and deepen certain daily practices that keep me feeling happy and healthy. Meditation, exercise, clean eating and a good amount of sleep are things I include in my daily routine. 

- How important is self-care to you, and do you often implement it into your regular rituals?

I think daily self care is one of the most important things you practice to maintain your overall happiness and wellbeing, especially in a city like London. I practice Transcendental Meditation for 20 minutes first thing in the morning and again in the afternoon post-work. Hotpod Yoga is my jam and I hit up my local Hackney studio at least 4 times a week. It’s actually one of my favourite places in the world. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend checking them out. On a daily basis I try not to consume too much alcohol or caffeine, I make time for creative expression and I'm always striving to nurture and deepen my relationships with the people that I love.

- What element of your work is most lighting you up at the moment? 

Any opportunity to connect with people in a real and honest way gives me deep satisfaction. A couple months ago we did the London Coffee Festival and although it was super intense and exhausting, I loved every minute of it because I got to meet so many amazing people. I was literally buzzing off the energy of the place, and I didn’t have a single coffee the whole weekend! On a more regular basis I really enjoy leading kombucha brewing workshops across London and spreading the word about JARR. 

- Share with us a quote that gives you daily inspiration. 

Happiness is like a tree going into the sky, and sadness is like the roots going down into the womb of the earth. Both are needed, and the higher a tree grows, the deeper it goes, simultaneously. The bigger the trees, the bigger will be its roots. In fact, it is always in proportion.

- Osho

- What are some of your favourite ways to wind down?

Taking a very long, very hot bath while listening to my Discover Weekly playlist or the Aubrey Marcus podcast. 

- Ingredients-wise, what are your three non-negotiables in the kitchen? 

Good quality olive oil, spinach leaves and proper peanut butter (ideally Pip & Nut or Manilife).

- Now tell us, do you have a guilty pleasure?

Booja Booja Chocolate Salted Caramel or a coco mylk Ombar. Saturday night sorted. 

- What one quote do you try to live your life by?

 “There is no real you, there is only ever you.”

This is actually a quote from a song called Mourner’s Dance by Devendra Barnhart and it deeply moved me the first time I heard it.

- Matcha or turmeric latte?

Turmeric please!



soursop graviola tea

We are excited to share our new tea – Golden Spirit Tea with you, which brings together many of the medicinal plants used in Ayurveda and naturally grown in the fertile Sri Lankan soil. It’s earthy and refreshing notes bring a sense of grounding and purpose to each sip, which is why we have affectionately named this our Spirit Tea. The blend contains soursop, orange peel, tulsi (holy basil), moringa, turmeric and black pepper, let us introduce these in more detail.

Our Spirit Tea includes one of our favourite adaptogens – Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, the ‘Incomparable One’ and the ‘Queen of Herbs’. Tulsi has been documented in various medical studies to portray the characteristics of a potent adaptogen, helping the body deal with stress and to promote homeostasis. In Ayurveda this herb is known as an ‘elixir of life’ and is said to prevent disease, promote good health, wellbeing and longevity. Tulsi also has been shown in animal studies to have anti-microbial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and nootropic properties to promote health and wellbeing. Also, it is said that the regular consumption of tulsi tea is similar to daily yoga practice as they both promote clarity of thought and a relaxed disposition.

orange peel health benefits

This tea also includes Moringa oleifera leaves, which are rich in antioxidants and help to control blood glucose levels. The moringa plant is nutrient dense, and is known to be particularly rich in potassium, calcium and vitamins A and D.

Soursop, also known as Graviola, is the fruit of the tropically grown Annona muricata, hailed as being anti-microbial, anti-fungal and also antioxidant. Alongside these powerful ingredients, it also contains orange peel (rich in flavonoids and according to Ayurveda helps to improve digestion and speed metabolism), anti-inflammatory turmeric and lastly black pepper - to assist in boosting the absorption and bioavailability of these health promoting compounds.

All of the ingredients are grown organically in forest gardens in Sri Lanka according to our Wunder growing policy. This purposefully crafted blend is to be consumed with purpose, set your intention and savour the time for yourself.


Tulsi (Holy Basil)







Soursop (Graviola)


Orange Peel





Calling all golden goddesses— it’s time you got to know Anoushka Florence. As founder of The Goddess Space, she hosts intimate and soul nourishing women’s circles to help connect to the feminine + our authentic truth. We caught up with her to talk all things self-care, aligning with your truth and so much more.

Tell us a little about your journey.

My journey began when I realised  the Woman I was becoming, was in conflict with the Woman who I was deep down. My outside world didn't match withy inner world, my actions and behaviours were not in aligment with my true spirit,  and as such may life was headed far from my destiny. The moment Ii became aware of this, my journey began.

I have spent many years remembering, reclaiming + reconnecting back to my true soul essence, and in doing so, have watched in awe as my external reality has finally caught up with my true inner vibration. It is an incredible journey to be on, and one that is continuously evolving, growing + expanding.

- How do you find your daily source of golden balance?

My golden balance comes from me time. I can only fully give to others and the world, when i have taken the time to give to myself. Meditation, communing with nature, journalling, ritual baths are one of the main ways I can balance out and create harmony with the inner world within and all that I seek to give to the outer world.

- How important is self-care to you, and do you often implement it into your regular rituals?

Self care is fundamental to my practice, as explained above, I have daily rituals, along with monthly rituals that fully support me in returning back to my balance, for me its a way to prevent problems rather than to treat them . Self care is a preventive act we can take in ensuring we are most healthy from the inside / out. 

- What element of your work is most lighting you up at the moment? 

Ohhh well currently im getting ready to travel the UK, popping up at different festivals all Summer. I cannot wait to bring my gatherings to these magical spaces; its always been a dream of mine to set up shop in tipi tents and hold magical women circles in festivals.

- Share with us a quote that gives you daily inspiration. 

"Its all happening for you, not to you"

- How do you practice nourishment every day? 

I listen to my body. I feel into what it is my body needs and i honour that need. This way, I give my body, my soul , my spirit the nourishment it desires rather than what the outside is telling you will nourish you. We are all different, and we all need a unique blend of nourishment.

- What are some of your favourite ways to wind down?

Ritual Baths, walks in nature, reading a good book, listening to a podcast, moving my body.

- Ingredients-wise, what are your three non-negotiables in the kitchen? 

Chickpeas, sauerkraut, celery.

A magnifying glass on mental health

golden glow cbd

While the tide is finally starting to turn when it comes to the stigma surrounding mental health, there sure is still a long way to go. May 13th-19th marks Mental Health Awareness Week, and though we truly believe this is something that should be spoken about without shame each and every day, it certainly plays a huge role in reminding us that we’re all in this together and to not suffer in silence.

Assembling a toolbox unique to your needs can be incredibly useful not only when you find yourself struggling, but something you can dip into each day to help build emotional resilience. This looks different to each and every person, but we thought we’d share a little insight into a few rituals and routines that help keep us balanced on the daily.

1. Take stress relieving + mood enhancing herbs every day

This won’t come so much as a shock, but we aim to incorporate a wide variety of herbs and adaptogens known to support the adrenals, as well as keeping cortisol levels and anxiety at bay.

A few drops of our Turmeric CBD every morning promotes relaxation of body and mind, and has fast become a non-negotiable, wherever we are in the world.

Ashwagandha is also an incredibly powerful adaptogen at helping lower cortisol, and when taken consistently, has been known to help many with anxiety, stress and burnout. Our Golden Balance adaptogen blend includes ashwagandha, and is the perfect addition to a pre-bedtime tonic, sending you off into a peaceful sleep.

Then there’s cacao, our favourite heart-opening herb. Found in our Golden Turmeric Bliss Bars, it contains anandamide, aka the ‘bliss molecule’, which promotes, you guessed it... a blissful state of mind!

2. Weekly trips to the flotation tank

The speed at which life moves in a busy city can take its toll on our central nervous system, leading to agitated moods, anxiety and burnout. Flotation tanks are a powerful way to take a moment to be totally still, and switch off the mind. The very sensation of floating is enough to leave you feeling like your most calm self. We urge you to give it a try— you’ll be hooked! We recommend: Float Works in London.

3. Meditation and mindfulness

One you’ll certainly have heard of before, and will continue to for quite some time. A regular meditation practice allows you to become an observer of your thoughts, as you watch them come and go. It’s not about being ashamed or fearful of negative thoughts, but in fact allowing them to rise to the surface, rather than suppressing them as so many of us do. Meditation teaches us to become friends with our thoughts, to be free from judgement, to eventually accept them and finally let them go.

We at Wunder recommend the following places for meditation and other mindful practices and treatments in the UK: