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We are excited to share our new tea – Golden Spirit Tea with you, which brings together many of the medicinal plants used in Ayurveda and naturally grown in the fertile Sri Lankan soil. It’s earthy and refreshing notes bring a sense of grounding and purpose to each sip, which is why we have affectionately named this our Spirit Tea. The blend contains soursop, orange peel, tulsi (holy basil), moringa, turmeric and black pepper, let us introduce these in more detail.

Our Spirit Tea includes one of our favourite adaptogens – Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, the ‘Incomparable One’ and the ‘Queen of Herbs’. Tulsi has been documented in various medical studies to portray the characteristics of a potent adaptogen, helping the body deal with stress and to promote homeostasis. In Ayurveda this herb is known as an ‘elixir of life’ and is said to prevent disease, promote good health, wellbeing and longevity. Tulsi also has been shown in animal studies to have anti-microbial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and nootropic properties to promote health and wellbeing. Also, it is said that the regular consumption of tulsi tea is similar to daily yoga practice as they both promote clarity of thought and a relaxed disposition.

orange peel health benefits

This tea also includes Moringa oleifera leaves, which are rich in antioxidants and help to control blood glucose levels. The moringa plant is nutrient dense, and is known to be particularly rich in potassium, calcium and vitamins A and D.

Soursop, also known as Graviola, is the fruit of the tropically grown Annona muricata, hailed as being anti-microbial, anti-fungal and also antioxidant. Alongside these powerful ingredients, it also contains orange peel (rich in flavonoids and according to Ayurveda helps to improve digestion and speed metabolism), anti-inflammatory turmeric and lastly black pepper - to assist in boosting the absorption and bioavailability of these health promoting compounds.

All of the ingredients are grown organically in forest gardens in Sri Lanka according to our Wunder growing policy. This purposefully crafted blend is to be consumed with purpose, set your intention and savour the time for yourself.


Tulsi (Holy Basil)


Soursop (Graviola)

Orange Peel




Calling all golden goddesses— it’s time you got to know Anoushka Florence. As founder of The Goddess Space, she hosts intimate and soul nourishing women’s circles to help connect to the feminine + our authentic truth. We caught up with her to talk all things self-care, aligning with your truth and so much more.

Tell us a little about your journey.

My journey began when I realised  the Woman I was becoming, was in conflict with the Woman who I was deep down. My outside world didn't match withy inner world, my actions and behaviours were not in aligment with my true spirit,  and as such may life was headed far from my destiny. The moment Ii became aware of this, my journey began.

I have spent many years remembering, reclaiming + reconnecting back to my true soul essence, and in doing so, have watched in awe as my external reality has finally caught up with my true inner vibration. It is an incredible journey to be on, and one that is continuously evolving, growing + expanding.

- How do you find your daily source of golden balance?

My golden balance comes from me time. I can only fully give to others and the world, when i have taken the time to give to myself. Meditation, communing with nature, journalling, ritual baths are one of the main ways I can balance out and create harmony with the inner world within and all that I seek to give to the outer world.

- How important is self-care to you, and do you often implement it into your regular rituals?

Self care is fundamental to my practice, as explained above, I have daily rituals, along with monthly rituals that fully support me in returning back to my balance, for me its a way to prevent problems rather than to treat them . Self care is a preventive act we can take in ensuring we are most healthy from the inside / out. 

- What element of your work is most lighting you up at the moment? 

Ohhh well currently im getting ready to travel the UK, popping up at different festivals all Summer. I cannot wait to bring my gatherings to these magical spaces; its always been a dream of mine to set up shop in tipi tents and hold magical women circles in festivals.

- Share with us a quote that gives you daily inspiration. 

"Its all happening for you, not to you"

- How do you practice nourishment every day? 

I listen to my body. I feel into what it is my body needs and i honour that need. This way, I give my body, my soul , my spirit the nourishment it desires rather than what the outside is telling you will nourish you. We are all different, and we all need a unique blend of nourishment.

- What are some of your favourite ways to wind down?

Ritual Baths, walks in nature, reading a good book, listening to a podcast, moving my body.

- Ingredients-wise, what are your three non-negotiables in the kitchen? 

Chickpeas, sauerkraut, celery.

A magnifying glass on mental health

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While the tide is finally starting to turn when it comes to the stigma surrounding mental health, there sure is still a long way to go. May 13th-19th marks Mental Health Awareness Week, and though we truly believe this is something that should be spoken about without shame each and every day, it certainly plays a huge role in reminding us that we’re all in this together and to not suffer in silence.

Assembling a toolbox unique to your needs can be incredibly useful not only when you find yourself struggling, but something you can dip into each day to help build emotional resilience. This looks different to each and every person, but we thought we’d share a little insight into a few rituals and routines that help keep us balanced on the daily.

1. Take stress relieving + mood enhancing herbs every day

This won’t come so much as a shock, but we aim to incorporate a wide variety of herbs and adaptogens known to support the adrenals, as well as keeping cortisol levels and anxiety at bay.

A few drops of our Turmeric CBD every morning promotes relaxation of body and mind, and has fast become a non-negotiable, wherever we are in the world.

Ashwagandha is also an incredibly powerful adaptogen at helping lower cortisol, and when taken consistently, has been known to help many with anxiety, stress and burnout. Our Golden Balance adaptogen blend includes ashwagandha, and is the perfect addition to a pre-bedtime tonic, sending you off into a peaceful sleep.

Then there’s cacao, our favourite heart-opening herb. Found in our Golden Turmeric Bliss Bars, it contains anandamide, aka the ‘bliss molecule’, which promotes, you guessed it... a blissful state of mind!

2. Weekly trips to the flotation tank

The speed at which life moves in a busy city can take its toll on our central nervous system, leading to agitated moods, anxiety and burnout. Flotation tanks are a powerful way to take a moment to be totally still, and switch off the mind. The very sensation of floating is enough to leave you feeling like your most calm self. We urge you to give it a try— you’ll be hooked! We recommend: Float Works in London.

3. Meditation and mindfulness

One you’ll certainly have heard of before, and will continue to for quite some time. A regular meditation practice allows you to become an observer of your thoughts, as you watch them come and go. It’s not about being ashamed or fearful of negative thoughts, but in fact allowing them to rise to the surface, rather than suppressing them as so many of us do. Meditation teaches us to become friends with our thoughts, to be free from judgement, to eventually accept them and finally let them go.

We at Wunder recommend the following places for meditation and other mindful practices and treatments in the UK:

SPRING – An Ideal time to Declutter Your Mind and Body

Golden Mylk turmeric latte Wunder Workshop

Spring represents the time of the year when new life is sprouting to birth and change takes place in nature. Spring reminds us that some tough times can be rewarding and fruitful in the end. We can learn so much from just looking at all the change that happens in nature around us and Spring is a primary example of how one should embrace the difficult times with grace!

Spring is a gentle reminder of how beautiful, change can really be!

Ayurveda is a science of self-healing which explains that a person’s health completely depends on what kind of diet they consume and type of lifestyle they lead. Ayurveda describes when it comes to health every individual has to be mindful and must lead a conscious life. According to Ayurveda, health and well-being of a person can be influenced by changes in weather and external environment. Ayurveda says that one must follow a specified diet and lifestyle which is in harmony with the nature they live in. To aid in this, Ayurveda has laid out detailed daily and seasonal regimen one should follow in a season.


Golden Turmeric Honey Wunder Workshop

Tastes – Pungent, Bitter and astringent are the tastes recommended for spring. These tastes help in reducing Kapha in the body which is predominant in spring.

Legumes like garbanzo beans, Yellow split peas, pinto beans and red beans are good as they are warming and protein source to body. Meats like Turkey, Chicken, Rabbit and Venison are recommended. Vegetables like Artichoke, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Asparagus, Green beans, Radishes, Kale, Eggplant, Spinach, okra, garlic and onions. These vegetables are to be used along with hot spices like Black pepper, Chilli powder, Cardamom, Caraway, Asafoetida and Cayenne.

Exercise –Spring is ideal for taking walk in the garden, park while enjoying the beautiful colours of spring. It is simple and yet excellent way of exercising in spring. If you are looking for more exercise in spring some of these Yoga postures are also good: Sun salutations, Kapha reducing poses like cow, Bow, Fish, Boat, Locus, Lion and Locust are good in spring.

Spring Drinks – Drinking tea made with herbs like ginger, fennel, black pepper and cardamom is good for spring allergies like hay fever, allergic rhinitis, and cough and cold. Honey is warming and alleviating for Kapha.

“Drink a tea made of hot water with a teaspoon of Turmeric Honey in it every morning.”- Kapha reducing and warming.


 Spring cleaning is an annual ritual or tradition followed in European countries. Spring cleaning is to eliminate and get rid of all the dust and dirt that has accumulated during winter months due to closed doors, windows and fireplaces.  Ayurveda Spring cleanse talks in the similar lines when it comes to our body. Ayurveda says that Kapha Dosha (one of the three Doshas or humours) which gets accumulated due to the cold and damp weather during winter will cause several health conditions once the sun rays hit our body during Spring. Therefore, we see lot of allergies in Spring like rhinitis, sinusitis and respiratory conditions. We can prevent and eliminate most of these conditions if we follow a Kapha alleviating diet and life style regimen and start our spring routine with a gentle cleanse.

Winter is a gloomy season with cold and wet weather which can lead to mental lethargy or emotional back hold. So, not only our body needs a deep and thorough cleanse, but our emotional mind also needs to get rid of any unwanted thoughts and emotions that has been blocked inside our emotional mind.











Golden Mylk Adaptogen latte Wunder Workshop


A 5-day spring cleanse is a good start for someone who has never done any Ayurveda cleanse before or have minimal idea of how this works. It includes following a specific Kapha alleviating diet & regimen which expel any excess Kapha from your diet. Generally, Ayurveda cleanse focuses on improving a person’s overall health but seasonal cleanse in general focuses on removing specific Dosha alleviation like here we are trying to get rid of any excess Kapha from your body. If you are interested in learning more about this cleanse. Join me for my upcoming 5 Day Spring cleanse here.

Dr.Varalakshmi Yanamandra is an Ayurveda practitioner and Health coach in UK. As an Ayurveda Health coach, she does more than just coaching people. She is very passionate about spreading her Ayurveda knowledge and empowering people through social media via her posts and online courses. Offline, she helps people with chronic pain management using holistic therapies and diet modifications and online she coaches people to make healthy choices and to lead a holistic life. She speaks on several public stages and teaches Ayurveda as faculty member for Europe Ayurveda Academy. She is the director of Ayur Wellness and Pain Centre a wellness centre based in Birmingham, UK. Find out more on: @drvaralakshmi and



Last week we caught up with Kelly Vittengl, the certified girl boss, extraordinary podcaster and founder of Frances Loom — a business curating beautiful ancient rugs. As a notable mental health advocate, Kelly opens up about her own journey with anxiety, and the rituals that help keep her grounded and balanced.

- Tell us a little about your journey.

My name is Kelly Vittengl. I’m the founder of Frances Loom and the host of Joan, a podcast about mental health. 

- How do you find your daily source of golden balance?

I am a creature of habit, but I also travel a lot! So having a routine that I can take with me anywhere is very important. Each morning I have a ritual of cleaning my skin, meditating, and taking my supplements. When I’m at home, there is always the making of celery juice involved!

- How important is self-care to you, and do you often implement it into your regular rituals?

As someone who has experienced some pretty intense anxiety and panic attacks in my life, self-care is incredibly important for me. As I previously said, my morning routine is what gets my grounded and moving each day. However, I recently read a quote by Ashley Wood that said “self-care is not salt baths, Palo Santo and chocolate. It is making a choice to build a life you don’t regularly escape from.” This really struck me because I’m such a “doer”, and I often believe that my external experiences will magically transform my internal ones. So as much as I love all of the things mentioned above, I spend a lot of time in therapy, journaling, crying, and doing the work that doesn’t necessarily feel good to make that exterior stuff feel even better. 

- What element of your work is most lighting you up at the moment? 

There’s always so much going on with the rugs, and I can never complain about opportunities that Frances Loom has brought me. But, working on Joan has taught me so much about joy and connection. It feels like a tiny little step in the direction my life is moving. 

- Share with us a quote that gives you daily inspiration. 

When I was a kid my Dad used to say to me: “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” and I often believe that this single-handedly gave me the momentum to start my own business at 24 years old. 

- How do you practice nourishment every day? 

A couple of years ago I decided to take the healing of my anxiety into my own hands. I began researching, listening to podcasts and really tuning into my own body. Based on much of what I read, I made some big changes in my lifestyle. I’ve become more mindful of the foods I’m putting in my body and have cleaned up my diet significantly. I also get a lot of soul nourishment through prayer. My meditation practice is absolutely crucial for me, but following it with prayer has been like a little cherry on top. 

- What are some of your favourite ways to wind down?

 - I’m a big bath taker. I only take one about once a week, but when you need one, there is nothing better. I also love yoga — I do hot yoga when I need to blow off some steam, and I love me some yin yoga when I just need to relax. 

- Ingredients-wise, what are your three non-negotiables in the kitchen? 

Garlic is my number one always and forever. I love it so much! I also always have kale for sautéing my favorite kale salad (with lots of garlic of course), and my third is crispy, tart apples — one of my favorite snacks (with a touch of almond butter!) 

- Now tell us, do you have a guilty pleasure?

I mean... isn’t everyone’s chocolate and cheese?! Sadly, I’ve recently gone off dairy to get some skin issues under control, but I’m so thrilled with vegan options out there! 

- What one quote do you try to live your life by?

Alan Watts said “if we are unduly absorbed in improving our lives, we may forget altogether to live them.” I mentioned above that I’m a doer... I will try just about anything in an attempt to get closer to enlightenment. But recently, I have been learning how to come into the present moment to find the absolute extraordinary experience of just being here. 

- Matcha or turmeric latte?

  • As a part of cleaning up my diet for anxiety’s sake, I cut all caffeine out of my life. So, definitely turmeric latte... although, even if I did drink caffeine I’d still choose the turmeric! 

Getting to the root of it : Why sustainable farming matters


We couldn’t be more proud to say that the turmeric going into each and every Wunder product is derived from the fertile soil of the Kandy Mountains in Sri Lanka.

What are the benefits of fertile soil you ask?

Fertile soil will contain all the major nutrients needed for basic plant nutrition (e.g., nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium), as well as other nutrients needed in smaller quantities (e.g., calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper).  

Usually a fertile soil will also have some organic matter that improves soil structure, soil moisture retention, and also nutrient retention. That’s why you’ll never get anything less than the best organic turmeric from us, packed full of everything it should have— no nasties sight.

It’s more important than ever that farming practises are carried out in an environmentally sustainable way, and so we use the ancient practice of forest gardening.

Forest gardening offers a low-maintenance sustainable method of plant-based food production, and is an agroforestry system based on woodland ecosystems. It incorporates surrounding fruit and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines and perennial vegetables that too can be harvested by humans.

We choose to opt for this method rather than mono-culture farming typically used in the UK, where most of the temperate forest was lost a long time ago – cleared for monocultures of grain crops, grazing or felled for building ships and housing.

 One of the biggest issues with agri-businesses using monoculture systems is that they are heavily oil and chemical dependent and are slowly eroding and polluting our soils and water courses. 

 Forest gardening on the other hand creates a multi-layered and sustainable garden, allowing for the maintenance of soil fertility, and produces nutrient-rich and diverse foods.

A Golden Guide to Spring Cleaning Body & Mind

Golden Glow.PNG

The sun has finally come out to play and there’s something in the air signaling that Spring is already on its way. The shift out of Winter into the warmer months can be tough — we’ve spent months hibernating and getting cosy, so it’s no surprise that peeling back the layers can prove to be a shock to the system. We’ve put together some of our favourite‘spring cleaning’ rituals for body and mind that will have you ready for the new season feeling your most glowy, golden self.


Our Golden Glow blend contains the potent Siberian Ginseng, a season-shifting staple if there ever was one. Traditional Chinese Medicine recognisesthat the change in season in both Autumn and Spring can put a lot of pressure on our immune system, leaving us cold and flu ridden.

Studies have shown that the adaptogen Siberian Ginseng works to reduce stress on our immune systems, all the while strengthening the body’s energy systems to power it through the seasonal change. 

Try this cleansing potion on for size: blend apple cider vinegar, milk thistle, Golden Glow + a teaspoon of turmeric honey for a delicious morning immune boost.


Take a trip to an infrared sauna for amind + body boost — not only will it increase circulation, it will also help to eliminate any stagnant energy and toxic buildup from the Winter. Take our word for it, one trip and you’ll leave with a Spring in your step and wonderfully soft skin too.


Make the most of the sunshine, we’re enjoying being able to sit outside to absorb the rays for 10 minutes a day. This will support your body in the shift to Spring as it becomes acclimatised to the warmer weather, and so it won’t be a shock to your system when the new season finally arrives. Top this up with a vegan Vitamin D supplement (because hello unpredictable UK weather!) and you’re golden.


As you may know by now, we started Wunder Workshop inspired by our many visits to Sri Lanka. Since 2014, we have been working directly with the same community of farms and we make sure to visit them yearly. On our latest trip, we found an additional family led farm also using the most sustainable forest gardening techniques. Here we share a few images from our latest trip.

single origin turmeric

Community & family farms

We pride ourselves on working with community and family led farms. We also avoid large mono-cultural agriculture, as this leads to soil nutrient depletion. Maintaining the natural diversity of flora on the farm benefits the quality of the soil, making produce more nutritious and consistent through turbulent weather patterns. This is why we believe our soil is one of the most important things to keep in tact for the us and world to stay healthy.

This is Mr Viduranga, who has lived here all his life and inherited the house and land from his father, who inherited it from his father. He grows turmeric, lemongrass, ginger and has a couple of jack fruit trees giving shade to the other plants. We purchased 500kg of organic turmeric from his 2019 produce, so for our next batch of pure organic turmeric jars you will be tasting this beautiful single origin turmeric powder, naturally high in curcuminoids.



As an organic brand we love learning about the innovative, natural ways to keep agricultural pests at bay.

Mr Viduranga plants Marigold flowers around the crops in order to keeps insects away. The true magic of nature takes this one step further, as when the marigold flower blooms he knows that the roots are ready for harvesting.

tom smale wunder workshop sri lanka


The black tea in our delicious Turmeric Chai comes from high up in the lush, organic green hills of Haputale. It is always so lovely to meet the women that pluck the tea, a job that requires very petite fingers and attention to detail. Co-founder Tom had a go, but quickly learned how difficult it is to pick the best leaves.

Photo 24-01-2019, 17 46 25.jpg


We were so excited to finally meet the women behind Amma, the social enterprise that trains and employs mothers living in the Sri Lankan highlands to turn food waste and plants into natural dyes creating sustainable textiles, ethically handmade. Amma is run by the lovely Josie, who we have been collaborating with for the last 1.5 years. They make our not-for-profit avocado waste dyed aprons, and the lovely bright turmeric waste dyed pouches that we pack our Turmeric CBD oils in.

We are so grateful that the sale of our avocado aprons over Christmas 2018 meant that they were able to purchase two new sewing machines, enabling them to work on more projects.

Sen wellness


At the end of our trip we visited Sen Wellness, a beautiful Ayurvedic retreat that is simply magical. This tranquil space is surrounded by untouched nature and wildlife. Each day starts with morning sunrise yoga on an empty beach, followed by traditional Ayurvedic treatments supported by wonderful staff. Even with all of this, the highlight was the freshly prepared traditional food that was bursting with flavour and nutrients. We often get asked what Ayurvedic retreat we recommend in Sri Lanka, and we can confidently say that Sen Wellness ticks all the boxes.

the kip sri lanka


Last, but certainly not least, we visited our friends Phoebe and Seddy at their beautiful bed and breakfast - The Kip. A gorgeous space tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the South coast. Wake up to tropical bird sounds, monkeys, whilst sipping on a fresh papaya juice and enjoying the colourful vegan friendly food.