As you may know by now, we started Wunder Workshop inspired by our many visits to Sri Lanka. Since 2014, we have been working directly with the same community of farms and we make sure to visit them yearly. On our latest trip, we found an additional family led farm also using the most sustainable forest gardening techniques. Here we share a few images from our latest trip.

single origin turmeric

Community & family farms

We pride ourselves on working with community and family led farms. We also avoid large mono-cultural agriculture, as this leads to soil nutrient depletion. Maintaining the natural diversity of flora on the farm benefits the quality of the soil, making produce more nutritious and consistent through turbulent weather patterns. This is why we believe our soil is one of the most important things to keep in tact for the us and world to stay healthy.

This is Mr Viduranga, who has lived here all his life and inherited the house and land from his father, who inherited it from his father. He grows turmeric, lemongrass, ginger and has a couple of jack fruit trees giving shade to the other plants. We purchased 500kg of organic turmeric from his 2019 produce, so for our next batch of pure organic turmeric jars you will be tasting this beautiful single origin turmeric powder, naturally high in curcuminoids.



As an organic brand we love learning about the innovative, natural ways to keep agricultural pests at bay.

Mr Viduranga plants Marigold flowers around the crops in order to keeps insects away. The true magic of nature takes this one step further, as when the marigold flower blooms he knows that the roots are ready for harvesting.

tom smale wunder workshop sri lanka


The black tea in our delicious Turmeric Chai comes from high up in the lush, organic green hills of Haputale. It is always so lovely to meet the women that pluck the tea, a job that requires very petite fingers and attention to detail. Co-founder Tom had a go, but quickly learned how difficult it is to pick the best leaves.

Photo 24-01-2019, 17 46 25.jpg


We were so excited to finally meet the women behind Amma, the social enterprise that trains and employs mothers living in the Sri Lankan highlands to turn food waste and plants into natural dyes creating sustainable textiles, ethically handmade. Amma is run by the lovely Josie, who we have been collaborating with for the last 1.5 years. They make our not-for-profit avocado waste dyed aprons, and the lovely bright turmeric waste dyed pouches that we pack our Turmeric CBD oils in.

We are so grateful that the sale of our avocado aprons over Christmas 2018 meant that they were able to purchase two new sewing machines, enabling them to work on more projects.

Sen wellness


At the end of our trip we visited Sen Wellness, a beautiful Ayurvedic retreat that is simply magical. This tranquil space is surrounded by untouched nature and wildlife. Each day starts with morning sunrise yoga on an empty beach, followed by traditional Ayurvedic treatments supported by wonderful staff. Even with all of this, the highlight was the freshly prepared traditional food that was bursting with flavour and nutrients. We often get asked what Ayurvedic retreat we recommend in Sri Lanka, and we can confidently say that Sen Wellness ticks all the boxes.

the kip sri lanka


Last, but certainly not least, we visited our friends Phoebe and Seddy at their beautiful bed and breakfast - The Kip. A gorgeous space tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the South coast. Wake up to tropical bird sounds, monkeys, whilst sipping on a fresh papaya juice and enjoying the colourful vegan friendly food.